“You’re always at a starting point.”

What does Parkour have in common with Skateboarding? How can Parkour turn your world into a personal playground?

This is a conversation with Parkour athlete, Co-Founder of the So-Cal based Parkour Gym “Freedom in Motion”, and long time friend Nathan Rogers. “Freedom in Motion” is a Parkour Gym that turns their members worlds into a “personal playground”, and Nathan and I go deep into what a personal playground means to the Parkour athlete. Topics include the difference between aesthetic and efficient Parkour, how walking is considered Parkour, the art of “Ukemi”, and a technique to handle self-doubt that surprised me. The movement arts fascinate the crap out of me. I had a blast recording this, and there’s a lot of gems in here that I found valuable, and I hope you find valuable as well.


Stellar photography by http://www.instagram.com/tyler_trueblood_

Show notes:
Weekly clips of Nathan Rogers practicing Parkour

Freedom in Motion


The Science of Falling (Ukemi)

Four stages of competence


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