Tiny Mountains


The benefits of creating something each day: reinforced habit, a portfolio of work, the satisfaction of having climbed a tiny mountain.

The habit of creating something each day produces a portfolio of work. A portfolio of work that you can look back on and see the hundreds of tiny mountains that you’ve climbed.

Each day committed to creating something will feel like climbing a tiny mountain. Though the mountain is tiny, you won’t always know how much more you have to climb before you reach the peak.

But it isn’t enough to just reach the peak, to keep the view all to yourself.

What good is it to create something, but keep what you’ve created from reaching people who might be changed by what you’ve created?

No matter how tiny the mountain, show your audience the view from the peak. Your audience will take in the view and see hundreds of other tiny mountains that they’ll either be inspired to climb or too intimidated to attempt.

Even tiny mountains can be intimidating.

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