Everywhere you go, there are things that you could compare yourself to.

Their writing, their success, their confidence, their courage to speak to their vulnerabilities, their drive, their consistency, that painting, that new best-seller, the artist who appears to be making a better living than you are, that statue erected to honor the likeness of somebody who’s done greater and larger things than you’ve ever done.

You could be comparing yourself to how different things would look if you took a different path, did things a little differently, said no to a few more requests, said yes to the opportunities you’ve been wanting to say yes to. You could be comparing yourself to the imagined you who’s magically better at your craft.

There are few people free of this problem. I’m not one of them. I’m comparing each word that I’m writing to a different word, a word that looks better, a word written by somebody better at writing than I am.

It seems as though we can’t escape comparison.

The good news is that every step taken forward means you get to compare yourself to who you were just moments before you took that step.

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