Great work worth doing can be small, local, short term. One step today that will make things better than they were yesterday, setting you up for better things tomorrow. Great work worth doing can be big, further out in time, long term. A vision of an ideal You, a future you’d like to create for yourself and for those you care for.

Great work worth doing has a prerequisite: to decide whether to give up behaviors that are getting you nowhere, or figure out a way to move forward while putting up with the behaviors that tend to cause your stagnation.

Restraint, focus, and discipline are your resources. Time and attention are your currencies. Great work worth doing takes those resources and currencies from nobody else but you.

Motivation supplies the adrenaline. The adrenaline supplies the high risk of burning out. Great work worth doing takes more than mere motivation.

Great work worth doing takes a developed sense of direction that clears up your vision of where you’re headed, a deepened sense of meaning that moves you forward when heading there becomes difficult, and a clearer vision of the qualities you need to cultivate to replace your inefficiencies.

Great work worth doing takes a suppressing of your Ego. An overcoming of “I know enough.” A necessity to keep learning, asking questions, digging deeper, prodding through the nuances of your craft.

Great work worth doing doesn’t need to be grandiose. It can be subtle in its efficiency through minimal action.

It doesn’t need to be focused entirely on you. Great work worth doing can be guiding somebody from point A to point B, showing them what it takes to get from point B to point C.

Great work worth doing requires a quieting down of the noises surrounding you so that you can listen to what’s often unheard. To ignore what most people are telling you to look for so that you can see what’s often overlooked.


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