Hidden Under Security


It isn’t work that people want to quit. It’s meaningless work. It’s working with nothing to look back on and nothing to look forward to. Meaningful work that inspires others to do meaningful work – that’s a job worth pursuing.

When people think of quitting their jobs, they often think of replacing the previous job with a job exactly like the old one. Why is that? Someone says that they hate working at Supermarket A, but yet they move to Supermarket B, and eventually they’re faced with the same problems that made them hate Supermarket A. Why?

Why not admit to yourself exactly what kind of environment you’re not willing to put up with?

The job itself doesn’t need to be grandiose. I’m not proposing you drop everything to go save the amazon. What’s grandiose is understanding what work you’re best suited for. It’s a long and challenging process. Actually, it never ends.

There is nothing wrong with working at Starbucks, or at a supermarket, or at Best Buy. But your doing yourself a massive disservice (and those you could be serving) by keeping yourself hidden underneath “job security.” What’s really secure is sharing. Sharing what you’ve learned, creating something meaningful that didn’t exist yesterday, giving people the superpowers to do the same – that’s real security. You’re secure in the minds of those you’ve served. If you’re gone, you’re missed. If you’re gone, there’s nobody that could ever replace you.

Reinvent. Keep reinventing. It sounds cliche, but what’s way more cliched (and damaging) is staying in an average environment, doing average work.

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