It’s not for everyone

And that’s okay.

This is an excerpt from a 2-star review of one of my favorite books, Linchpin by Seth Godin – a book that changed the way I think about art.

The advice, “Become Indispensable by Creating Art,” was repeated over and over and over. I appreciate the idea, and I definitely want to become a “Linchpin” in the lives of others and in my career, but this book just couldn’t help bridge that connection for me..

And this is a 3-star review of Man’s Search for Meaning.

Everyone was raving this book will change you life. i thought it was okay. amazing perseverance… it reminded me of some Elie Weisel books… but i didn’t really feel like the book changed my life. it was good, not great.

There is not one work of art that everyone agrees is fantastic. And that’s okay. We need to keep it that way.

Nothing happens if you’re unmoved by a work of art. It just wasn’t for you. And that’s okay. Keep seeking art that moves you.

Nothing happens if your art doesn’t move everyone. It wasn’t for everyone to begin with. And that’s okay. Please keep creating.



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