The starting artist is the artist who works at their craft with the eyes of a beginner. The starting artist is curious, they’re not afraid to fail, they aim high, and they don’t care whether or not their work leads to material success. They work on their craft because they love the craft.

The starting artist finds pockets of time throughout their day to do what they love.

It’s useful to be the starting artist. But you shouldn’t – according to other people (red flag) – become a starving artist.

The starving artist is the image that people (who claim to have your best interest) conjure up in their heads when you tell them that you’d like to become a writer or the owner of your own business. The image of you with no property and no money, feeling foolish for ever deciding to go down your own path.

Why is the image of the failed artist the image of someone who’s hit rock bottom?

We all get one chance at life. But we can give ourselves opportunities to experiment with different crafts and hobbies and interests and careers.

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