I know that you’ve been wanting to make things and say things and share with other people the things you’ve made and said. I’d like you to meet someone who can help you with that. His name is Every Day.

A lot of people think that Every Day is this big, aggressive monster who demands that people churn out hundreds of pages of writing or run hundreds of miles nonstop without any rest.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Every Day and I can tell you that he isn’t as demanding as people think. He’s pretty reasonable once you get to know him.

When Every Day asks that you write something seven days a week, he isn’t suggesting that you write a chapter each day or even a paragraph each day. Every Day asks that you write just a sentence. It can even be an unfinished sentence, a sequence of a few words.

Every Day knows that just because you’re making something small doesn’t mean that it’s not difficult. Every Day asks you to do it because it’s difficult to do and he knows that you can.

And if it’s still too much to ask of you today, that’s okay.

His name is Every Day for a reason.

He’ll be waiting for you tomorrow, and the day after.

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