What do we mean when we talk about someone’s personal brand?

We mean it literally. “Personal” because your personal brand is an extension of your personality. Think of your favorite YouTubers and digital authors and I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean.

Your personal brand isn’t just something that you can pick from a pile of other personal brands. Your personal brand is an extension of you – an extension of your taste, your values, your eye for a certain quality of work. The best way to develop your personal brand is to understand yourself.

This is what we mean when we say, “He’s really pouring his heart into this work.” Of course we say that. How could it be otherwise? How could someone’s personal brand not be a clear reflection of who they are?

Of course in some cases, people could be playing out a character. Gary Vaynerchuk probably doesn’t act like ‘GaryVee’ when he’s with his family. The fine line with personal brands is the line between being too personal (oversharing) and being too brand (all about the ads/likes/retweets/follows).

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