Wasting Time – Who’s Blaming Whom?

When we blame ourselves for wasting our time, who’s really doing the blaming?

The usual answer is the voice in our heads. Yes, it’s a voice in our heads, but it isn’t our voice. It’s a voice that’s made up of hundreds of voices that we’ve heard talking about how we need to be grinding, hustling, going and going and going some more, churning out posts, heading projects, sending emails and making calls.

According to this voice, taking a break is heresy.

What are we supposed to do about this voice?

We can ignore it, we can embrace it and cycle through self-defeating thoughts, or we can decide to join the other voice.

The other voice is the voice that says that it’s okay to take a break. This is the voice that understands that it’s impossible for us to be working as hard as we do for as long as we’re expected.





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