This Instead Of That

Instead of doing this, you should be doing that.

You’re doing things. And while you’re doing things, you’re probably making mistakes. You’re aware of some of those mistakes, but you’re also unaware of the dozens of other mistakes that you’re making. Unaware, of course, until somebody tells you what those mistakes are.

No matter how true to yourself you’re being, no matter how close you’re following your muse – someone will see your decisions as mistakes. That someone might be a voice in your head. Other people, and that voice in your head – they’ll try to correct course for you. They’ll try to become the captain of your ship.

Nobody likes being corrected unless they’ve asked to be corrected. Our ego doesn’t like to think, “maybe they’re right.” And maybe they are right. Maybe you should be doing this instead of that.

All decisions come with an attachment: I’m forfeiting this if I choose that.

If we choose this over that, or that over this, we come to the same destination: a changed route.

A changed route is not the path that we were expecting.

But maybe the path that we were expecting wasn’t the path that was moving us forward.

And the path that moves us forward is changing everyday. All the better to stay adaptable.

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