What’s The Latest?

Who’s saying what?

How has the situation changed?

Are there new ways to lower risk?

Of course, we want to stay informed so that we have some sense of what’s going on in the world.

But we can only stay so informed until we’re no longer being informed of any new information. Day by day is better than minute by minute.

Here’s a different question: what’s the oldest?

What can we learn about these trying times through fields of knowledge that have been around for hundreds of years? What can psychology, biology, and anthropology teach us about viruses and how they affect behavior?

How did great world leaders from centuries before us handle times of increasing fear and distress? What would Marcus Aurelius or Gandhi tell us to do?

What are the oldest ways that we know to keep our family and friends calm and connected?

Just because it’s the latest doesn’t mean that it’s the most useful.

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