to start something.

Neil Gaiman knew it when he said, “The best way to come up with new ideas is to get really bored.”

Boredom is easy to get to. Just stop doing things. Turn off your devices, close your books, put down your brushes and pens.

Boredom is better than inspiration. Inspiration is fleeting, and we often try to force it out of us, as if there are pools of inspiration inside us waiting to be drained. That’s not how inspiration works. Inspiration waits behind boredom.

Motivation follows boredom. The more bored you get, the more motivated you’ll be to get out of your tensionless, drama-free state and do something.

The one quality boredom isn’t better than is discipline. Boredom is a lot like discipline, and that’s why boredom is so great. It’s boring to play through the scales. It’s boring to get better rep by rep, word by word. But practice requires discipline, and discipline is boring.

Perfect is the boring condition. Perfect leaves us with nowhere to go.

Boredom is the perfect condition. Boredom leaves us with everywhere to go.

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