‘Done When It’s Done’

It’s a good deadline, if you know what done means.

If you don’t, ‘done’ never happens. You’ll be editing indefinitely.

‘Done when it’s done’ can be a luxury, or a curse. It’s a luxury when you’ve defined ‘done’ as a standard of quality that will be met on an exact date. It’s a curse when you have that standard of quality but no exact date to reach it.

Some people don’t have the luxury of ‘done when it’s done’. Some people have work that needs to be done six hours from now – no exceptions. The exact date has been given. For them, meeting a standard of quality is the hard part. But luckily, magic happens when limitations are embraced.

Define your ‘done’. Then, get it done.


What’s done is done. Today, I’ve finished a longer post called Creating a Blog with Heart and Soul. Blog’s not dead. Writing will be around forever, and as long as mankind keeps putting fingers to keyboard, blogging will exist. You can check out the post here.

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