The Rule of Suck: the first time you do it, and the fifth time, and probably the 100th time, it’s going to suck.

Here’s a neat trick that’ll help you remember The Rule of Suck.

Go to one of your favorite YouTube channels or podcasts.

Then, click on ‘Sort By’ and select ‘Date Added (Oldest)’

Date Added Oldest[on YouTube.]
date added oldest 2[on Spotify.]

These first uploads suck.

The first episode of The Joe Rogan Experience sucked. The first episode of The Tim Ferris show sucked.

Your first episode is probably going to suck.

But that’s no reason to quit.


I’ve stared a new show. It’s called Readings and Riffs – reading passages from some of my favorite books so that you and I can better understand ourselves and the world we live in. These first episodes are going to suck. But by the 10th or 100th episode, they’ll suck less.

You can check it out here (if you’re reading this on the blog) or by going directly to my IGTV page on Instagram.

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