A routine is meant to stick you in place. It’s about maintaining order – doing the same things everyday, every week.

If you get out of bed everyday, brush your teeth everyday, you have a routine. But if you ‘feel stuck’ in your routine, then it might be time for you to make some changes to what you do on a regular basis.

Feeling stuck in your routine means that your routine isn’t comprised of habits that give you chances to grow, to make progress toward a better you. And what’s the opposite of growth? Degradation. It’s much easier, and quicker, to come to a state of degradation than it is a state of growth.

And before you know it, you’ll reach either one depending on the kind of routine you’ve stuck yourself in.

If your routine is comprised of useful, beneficial habits – habits that push you out of your comfort zone – you either won’t feel stuck in your routine anymore, or you’ll feel a better kind of stickiness – a stickiness that makes you feel glad to be stuck in a routine that’s at least helping you to progress toward a better you.

Don’t go window shopping for a new routine.

Just change the one that you already have.

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