A Change Worth Making

A change worth making isn’t about having a total makeover of your lifestyle. It’s something less dramatic, less ‘out there’. It’s something more local – something that’s right in front of you. A change worth making is about remembering what you’re pursuing.

So, what are you pursuing?

If you’re the sales manager of a supermarket, you probably wouldn’t answer, “I’m about managing sales at a supermarket.” Managing sales at a supermarket is just an expectation that other people – your boss, your coworkers – have of you.

It’s easy to confuse expectations with pursuits. The difference between the two is that other people pick the expectations they have of us, but we get to pick what our pursuits are.

Are you pursuing scheduled solitude so that you can read? Are you pursuing frequent evenings of coffee and company with your closest friends? Are you pursuing watercolor paintings of lizards at the local lake?

If you need help deciding what it is that you want to pursue, here’s a rule of thumb: pursue more than what you think is expected of you. You are more than your titles suggest.


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