Did you know that spam is an acronym?

It stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. (I learned this when I was nine years old. I had been posting messages full of emoticons [prehistoric emojis] on a Bionicle-themed forum. Remember forums? Hell, remember Bionicle?)

Here’s a tweet from David Perell, aka “The Writing Guy.” 

He’s right. We really are in the age of one-person media companies. This raises some questions about the work of content creators.

How can content creators…

  • make meaningful content without their message being turned stupid, pointless, and annoying?
  • is it so bad to distribute content on a regular basis, like a daily blog?
  • How can content creators make meaningful content without disguising themselves as sleazy salespeople?
  • is it so bad to sell our audience something, if that something is actually meaningful?

(I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, at least not yet. That’s why I’m waiting for Seth Godin’s book This Is Marketing to arrive at my doorstep. I asked his cohort on the Akimbo Virtual Co-working Space some similar questions, and a member recommended that I read it. I’m not surprised – Seth is the master of this topic.)

Maybe the best thing that content creators can sell (for free) to their audience is a possibility – a possibility of becoming better. I think that’s why I watch Matt D’Avella’s videos, listen to Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic, and read Seth Godin’s blog everyday. Their free content makes me better. (Or is it just a placebo?)

We’re being sold less on the idea that a Toyota is going to make our lives better, and more on the idea that improving our lives starts with us – and not with a car. And if that’s what’s being sold to us by sleazy salespeople disguised as content creators, then I’m willing to buy.

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