But it hurts content creators more than it hurts the consumers of the content.

When content creators race to the bottom, they cheat themselves out of their potential to make something remarkable. Behind every Passive-Income-Hack page on Instagram is a content creator squandering their potential.

Clickbait works 999 times out of 100. But where’s the fun if the outcome is always guaranteed?

Art, on the other hand, works 35 times out of 100 (and that’s being generous). Art is something that Seth Godin likes to define as something that “might work.”

I think the key to making good, authentic work is to understand that we’re not creatures who get it right 999 times out of 100. If you’re not getting it right 999 times out of 100, it means that you were born to make things that might work.

Might leaves you with a bit of risk to work with.

Might gives you opportunities to take your work into unknown territory.

Might gives you chances to work with the mistakes that you’re going to make.

And might gives opportunities to connect with people who aren’t getting it right 999 times out of 100 (basically, everyone).

All work and no mistakes makes Johnny very hard to relate to.


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