My favorite channels and pages are about the people behind the channels and pages.

People relate to people, not to pages.

But I don’t think that it’s a matter of people vs pages.

It depends on what content creators and consumers want. If they want connection, focus on people. If they want resources, focus on pages.

Farnam Street is a page that makes you smarter by describing common, forgivable errors in your thinking. I don’t read Farnam Street so that I can relate to someone’s journey with minimalism. Nor do I watch Matt D’avella’s videos so that I can learn about errors in my thinking.

The challenge for consumers is in following the right kind of people and pages. The right kind of people and pages are those that don’t settle for crappy content.

The challenge for both content creators and consumers is to put out a message behind their creating and consuming that says, “I think you can do better.”

“I think you can do better” holds content creators and consumers accountable.

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