Prior to this past week, I thought that networking meant spamming. I was wrong.

My definition of networking – some sleazy way of gaining likes and followers – was holding me back. I was taking the ‘lone wolf’ approach to creating content, never reaching out to people who were sharing just as much interest that I have for subjects that I could talk about for 20 hours straight.

I’ve come to see that networking means reciprocity. Networking is You like this, I like this, let’s like this. Or – You don’t like this, I don’t like this, let’s not like this.

That’s much better than You like this, lemme show you how to make $1,300 in passive-income bi-weekly, let’s somehow find a way to coexist in the same space even though you’re talking about the benefits of meditation and I’m talking about get rich quick schemes.

Spam is an acronym. It stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.

If you’re paying attention, you have a point to make, you understand boundaries, and you understand the message, then you’ve got reciprocity on your side.

The trick to networking well is to be as human as possible. Don’t be fooled, like I was, by the mechanical connotation that the word ‘networking’ gives off. Spammers take that connotation too literally.

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