And it must be easy, because we choose to be complicated more than we choose to be clear. I’m sure you can think examples of convoluted copy to prove my point.

More often than not, we default to being complicated with our messages. But just because it’s the default doesn’t always mean that it’s the most effective option.

And on the other hand, clarity is (supposedly) hard. And it must be hard, because anytime we see copy that’s quick and to the point, we’re impressed.

Is it really that hard to be clear about something? How hard could it be to just write, “hey, we’ve made some changes. Let us know if you have any problems with them.”

When did we confuse “we’re here for you” with, “the entities involved in this enterprise are working tirelessly to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing competitive market”? And how did we reach the point to where that ridiculous sentence would have been approved by corporate?

Clarity isn’t hard. But we choose its opposite for the sake of appearing professional.

P.S @whitespacewriting is putting out great content on clear writing. His messages are a breath of fresh air.

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