What will you do in the meantime?

Before your surroundings are just perfect, with that right temperature of coffee, proper lighting, no distractions, just pure, uninterrupted flow?

What will you do before you’ve entered that elusive state which comes, of course, after you’ve worked through every excuse that you’ve used to rationalize the reason why you haven’t done the work that you said you’d begin last January?

Those excuses which come from your commitment to reading every self-help book on every bookshelf in every bookstore, because you think that your current self isn’t capable of doing the work that you’ve been wanting to do.

And to perform every positive affirmation in front of every mirror in your house, including the black mirrors of your devices, because impressing Tony Robbins is more important to you than impressing yourself.

And to replace every automatic action in the first hour of your day with somebody else’s actions, because your current actions don’t remind you of who you want to be.

If you think that your future self is more capable than your present self, you’re correct.

But you’re also correct in thinking that your present self is quite capable of emulating your future self.

What would happen if you ignored the sunk-cost fallacy of your audacious commitment to getting everything – inner and outer – in its right place?

How much progress would you make if you used the meantime as if it were the only time you had?

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