How many meaningful interactions have you had with strangers?

People who follow you on social media are ‘strangers’, but they follow you because they’re members of the niche. They have similar taste. They stick around to hear your messages. They listen. They care. They wait for you to show up, and they’re glad that you did.

By ‘strangers,’ I mean total strangers.  Those who aren’t interested in what you have to say. Those who don’t want what you’re selling. Those who don’t care whether or not you show up.

It’s unlikely that somebody who doesn’t care about your work is going to be moved by your work. They’re not going to be glad that you showed up, and you’re not going to be happy with how they react. To them, you’re the uninvited guest.

Who are the strangers? Who isn’t going to listen to what we have to say? And why do we worry about convincing total strangers? Trying to convince a total stranger that they should pay attention to your work is like giving your resume to a cat.

It’s much easier to understand somebody if the two of you have similar likes or dislikes.

That’s why sharing is important. You like this, I like this, let’s like this. The opposite works, too – you don’t like this, I don’t like this, let’s not like this.

We can’t connect unless we have something to connect over.

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