Shortcut seekers attract shortcut takers.

Shortcut takers attract shortcut seekers.

Two kinds of shortcuts in content creation: the lazy shortcut, and the afraid shortcut.

The lazy shortcut is used get followers. It’s the copy and paste (copy and ‘create’) method of content creation. Like the infographics on what to do to become a millionaire before your thirties, and if you don’t, Grant Cardone is going to kick your ass.

The afraid shortcut is used when you want to share your perspective, but the pressure to hide behind strategies that work – strategies that don’t require you to be yourself – is too great. The afraid shortcut is that uneasy feeling of, ‘everyone in this room agrees on the same thing in the same way.’

Both kinds of shortcuts give off the impression that the content was made by a robot. Or worse, a human made the content using the dark magic of a keystroke (copy and paste.)

And it’s a sad thing when we hide behind copying and pasting. By doing so, we cheat ourselves out of the opportunity to connect in a way that’s genuine and generous.

As content creators, we have a few choices.

Will we be robots, or humans?

Will we show ourselves?

Will we do the hard work of making something that can’t be copied?

Or will we join the cult of telegraphing the process?

Creativity shouldn’t have an instruction manual.

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