Consider The Website

Everybody who has work that needs to be shared needs to own a website.

Putting all your work on social media is like investing in the riskiest stocks. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Social media pushes our best work into the abyss of yesterday’s news To keep it at the top, we have to interrupt people so that they know that our best work exists. “Did you know I made this? Did you know I made that?” After awhile, it becomes narcissistic.

Consider the website. Consider giving your work a permanent home, with permanent links to all your best work, your adventures, essays, and thoughts on subjects that you care about. A website welcomes guests to explore a digital manifestation of your personality.

If this all seems too retrograde, too 1995, it’s because humans can’t help but do what other humans do. Your uncle creates a Facebook page, then Joe makes one, and then you can’t help but join them, because Joe and your uncle are having so much fun on Facebook.

But a website? Aren’t websites for companies? And besides, who has the time to make a website?

Anybody who has a spare hour has time to make a website. An hour is all it takes to get started on WordPress, or Square Space, or Geocities.

Ditch social. Buy a domain name. Consider the website.

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