Write Loudly

Here’s the audio version of this blog post. (With a little wabi sabi at the beginning.)

Speak it out. Record it. Document it. Write it down. Edit it. Publish it. Share it.

Do all of that despite that voice – that voice which is like the critics that say that your work is insufferable, but yet they consume everything that you put out. That voice that wishes that your work would just go away. But it’s not going to go away, not as long as you choose to ignore that voice.

Drown out that voice by turning up the volume of your voice – the voice that sees the critics, but chooses to ignore them. Drown out that voice by writing loudly, publishing loudly, creating loudly, connecting loudly.

Not so loud to the point of obscenity, but loud enough to be received by the ears who are willing to listen.

Don’t hide. We don’t bite.

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