On Fake Gurus

In the 21st century, the worst advice that parents could give their children is not to talk to strangers on the Internet.

Unless it’s a stranger that wants to show you how to make seven figure passive-income streams.

Those who follow fake gurus do it out of insecurity. They follow the leader because they present a path from point A to point B. It’s a path with many shortcuts (leading to nowhere), and no detours into other paths that would teach generosity, patience, resilience, empathy, curiosity. It’s a path into wealth, wealth, and nothing else.

And it’s all a sham. The fake guru doesn’t care about you. But they make it seem so because they speak the language that resonates with your insecurity.

Yes, you could be at a place where you’re more than what you are now. But if you’re struggling to get there, it doesn’t make sense to seek the help of somebody who’s behind thick walls of marketing copy. Instead, look locally. Reach out to somebody who will do the hard work of listening to you.

Did Bruce Lee get into movies because they’re a great way to make passive-income? Did he learn the martial arts because it was a ‘highly profitable skill?’

If you’re going to have idols, choose wisely.

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