It was an easy A.

The introductory Psychology professor taught us how to pass the introductory Psychology exam. The class should have been named, “Introductory Psychology Exam 101.” Because if all this material is going to be on the exam, it doesn’t make sense for the professor to talk about anything else.

I wish I could go back and ask, “what good is knowing this material, besides for passing the exam?”

Even though it’s a subject that I care about, I didn’t care enough to know by heart any of the material that would be on the exam. All I needed to do to get an A was to memorize the material.

Memorization is recalling the material because somebody told you to – or else there will be consequences (a low grade).

Nobody says, “I memorized all the lyrics to my favorite song because the Professor of Songs told me to.”

They say, “I know all the lyrics by heart.”

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