I don’t mean the useful kind of criticism. Not, “you were this close to saying something great, something important, but you censored yourself and let yourself off the hook.”

I mean this kind. The useless kind. “This wasn’t for me, but I’m going to give you my opinion anyway.”

Where does that kind of criticism come from? If it’s true that we judge our work the moment that we leave flow, then it might be reasonable to assume that useless criticism comes from people who’ve given themselves too much time away from their work. That useless criticism comes from those who spend their entire life avoiding doing their life’s work. More reason to respond with sympathy, not anger.

And on the other hand, where that criticism isn’t coming from is from those who’ve been doing the hard work of showing up. Those who’ve been having the time of their life doing their life’s work. For them, there’s hardly any time for criticism, let alone breakfast.


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