Reflection is not an escape

You can’t make a mountain out of a mole hole if you’ve carefully built the foundation.

So when we reflect, we build the foundation of how we’re going to approach this or these problems. Reflection gives us time and space to ask the right questions. More discourse and deliberation, less discord and drama.

This strategy seems counter-intuitive. What good is introspection when you’re trying to solve a complicated problem? Everything. Because you already know what the answer is. You just need space and time to get away from all the noise that’s making it impossible for you to consider the relative information.

This strategy is opposite of the strategy of burying the actual solution in a pile of potential solutions.

The actual solution is often before us, but we like to convince ourselves of how smart we are by coming up with dozens of potential solutions – solutions that could work, but won’t work because they’re just burying the actual solution. Hyper-vigilance leads to hypo-productivity.

Calm is Master of Rash, of Impulse

-Tao Te Ching (John Minford Translation)

Pause. Reflect. And don’t underestimate the power of a long walk.

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