On my homepage: “through a daily blog, a bi-weekly podcast, and more..”

To make a point about real mistakes and imaginary mistakes, I was going to start this by telling you that bi-weekly means once every two weeks, and that I had misused the term. But I would have been wrong. Bi-weekly can mean twice a week.

Typos. Misunderstanding of the definitions of words. Errors in picture resolution. Misinterpretation of the foundational theories of Carl Jung’s analytical psychology. These things happen all the time. And it doesn’t feel bad after we’ve noticed. It just takes a few keystrokes to fix.

On the other hand, imaginary mistakes – symptoms of impostor syndrome – feel worse. It feels awful to think that it was a mistake to show up today, that picking ourselves was the wrong choice.

Seneca was right when he wrote that we often suffer more in imagination than in reality.

So what are we supposed to do when picking ourselves feels like the wrong choice?

Make the wrong choice anyway.

Playing the game is more fun than sitting on the bleachers.

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