The issue of the comfort women, which began in World War II, wasn’t brought to the world’s attention until the early 90s. For more than 40 years, the Japanese government tried to hide and rationalize the use of Korean women as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers during the war. According to those involved in this generational cover up, the situation wasn’t that bad, and many the women volunteered out of duty, or, simply, for money.

When we read books about the atrocities of history, we become individuals who bear the responsibility of remembering. It’s a responsibility because we choose to understand that we’re capable of doing things that we wish we weren’t capable of doing.

The people of today can look to the past and see that Oh, that’s how things shouldn’t be.

The same applies to remember the good. We can take on the responsibility of passing down, generation by generation, the ingredients of a better future.

The people of tomorrow can look at our work and see that Ah, that’s how things should be.

Today, you have a chance to set an example for the people of tomorrow. You have a chance to not just remember the terrible things that we’re capable of doing, but to act in a way that keeps that kind of behavior at bay.

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