Nothing spectacular has been done because somebody had zero limitations.

The best kind of hero is the hero we relate to. Nobody relates to Superman because Superman is Superman.

I’m always moved when people decide, ah to hell with it – I’m going to make this despite my limited amount of time, capital, influence, connections, competence.

Few people in Hollywood wanted Bruce Lee to produce movies. But that didn’t stop him from making Enter the Dragon.

Your favorite authors were probably rejected by publishers dozens of times. Despite their busy schedules, they found the time to write that book. And despite hours of concentration, the publishers didn’t care. And despite the publishers not approving of their book, your favorite author tried again. And again, and again.

To be resilient is to try again – to move forward despite your very real limitations (self-imposed or otherwise.)

Your limitations are like a set of weights that you lift to become stronger. Push against your limitations, and you’ll be granted access to the change that you seek.

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