M.I.I.A – Missing in Imagined Action.

Greatness goes missing in imagination. How much is missed when we spend too much time imagining the life we wish we were living.

How much potential is never realized. How many great works of art are never made. How many smiles and laughs and aha! moments are missed because we imagine action instead of taking action.

Comparing ourselves to who we wish we were causes us to live a double life. The life we live, and the life we imagine.

The more boring and dull our real lives are, the more rewarding our imagined lives become.

When our responsibility in real life is too much to bear, our imagined lives become an escape. We have all this paperwork in real life, but in our imagined lives, we’re rock-stars with no responsibilities.

That’s where dissatisfaction comes from.

If you’re tired of being dissatisfied, consider taking steps to bring your real life closer to your imagined life until you can’t tell the difference between the two.

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