Taking care of yourself is the most productive thing you could do.

But it isn’t sexy. Nobody’s going to give you a trophy because you ate one less Oreo.

There’s no trophy for being perfect, either. Exhaustion marches behind perfection like a duckling follows her mother.

Taking care of yourself is about rejecting instant gratification. And so you need to cultivate qualities necessary to making your changes last.

You need humility. Again, there’s no trophy for denying yourself the Oreo.

You need to have patience. Instead of the Oreo, your gratification is at the end of a one hour writing session, a 30 minute workout, a 250 page book.

You need to be good at listening. It’s impossible to hear people when their words bounce off the wall of the answer you prepared before they started talking. The same goes for the questions that you ask yourself. You’ll ask yourself why you bother rejecting the Oreo, but you already know it’s because life is unfair and you didn’t get the job you deserved.

You need resilience. You’re going to eat a lot of Oreos. But that’s no reason to quit. The resilient falter, but they never waste time faltering over the fact that they faltered.

If you miss the Oreo, ask yourself what’s better: the Oreo, or the way you feel about yourself when nobody’s around but you and that little chocolate sandwich cookie?

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