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The best thing about living in a subjective reality is that it’s subject to change – to your change. Within your subjective reality is your subjective representation of objects, experiences, people, and most important, of self.

The cardinal decision is to change the experience that you have of your self. None of the other changes can happen before you change that.

What most calls for your attention is determined by the way that you experience your self. A great book can be said to be intrinsically valuable. But to somebody who doesn’t experience themselves as a reader, then the book is nothing but a doorstop. The essay that’s due yesterday isn’t a priority to the person who experiences their self as a slacker.

When you decide to change the way that you experience your self, things that were once invisible become visible.

A book is no longer a doorstop. The pages within are now possibilities to humble yourself with all the ways that you didn’t know this about the world.

A phone is no longer an attention vacuum. A phone is now a possibility to connect with other people who want to change their self experience the way that you do.

Your opponent is no longer somebody who wants you to lose. Your opponent is now somebody who challenges you to play at your best.

This day is no longer something that you’re just trying to get through. This day is now the best day that you’ve ever had, even though you were just fined a $50 parking violation.

Objects, experiences, and people transform into potential outlets that help bring about your best self. And your best self is the version of you that accepts the fact that you’re not omnipotent – that you’re going to need all the help you can get from people that represent you as the example.

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