Living with the infinite opportunity to make things better is a privilege.

It’s the privilege of having access to the Internet. It’s an infinite opportunity because there’s no cap to how many websites, blogs, podcasts, shows, businesses and workshops that you’re allowed to create.

90% of Americans have this privilege – the privilege to connect, create, and share at mass. And if I were to guess, I’d say that 90% of us are squandering this opportunity.

How many hours of our collective attention span are lost to the vortex of a social media feed? How many blogs aren’t created because scrolling through Twitter is much more rewarding in the short-term?

How many of us are blind to the potential we have to create experiences and products that have meaning and possibility? How many of us confuse our identity with the identity of those who are living out apparently perfect lives on social media?

We know we have all this information. We know we have Masterclasses, blogs, workshops, Google, Bing. But do we know what to do about that? Do we know how to ignore the 99% of what’s being screamed at our faces, so that we can focus on the 1% that actually matters?

But before we move forward, before we act as models for the future, we shouldn’t proselytize. Or scold. Or point fingers at those who aren’t living up to their potential (as if we know what their potential is). We’re not the hero of somebody else’s story.

But if somebody decides that enough is enough, let’s hope that there’s plenty of models around to show them that change is always possible.

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