You can walk on water

Everyone alive is living out a story.

And if you’re lucky, you have a story that’s informed by your personality and the choices you make.

You were born with a personality. Your unique blend of five (likely more) personality traits determines your interests. If you’re an introvert, silence is more interesting than noise. If you’re an extrovert, large gatherings are more interesting than Hemingway. Of course, nobody is 100% introverted or extroverted. Humans are social creatures, and that includes even the most introverted of us.

Your story comes from your subjective reality. It’s subjective because you can change it. You can change what you pay attention to. You can count different basketballs. You can believe this instead of that.

Your story is true to you. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t do anything. Why drink water if it’s not going to help keep you alive?

You can walk on water

If that’s your story. And, like any other story, it’s true only to you. Except in this case, your story doesn’t work with the objective reality. It doesn’t work with the laws of nature. Your story is now a delusion – a story that isn’t very helpful.

Here’s another story turned delusion. “I’m someone who doesn’t work at that crappy job anymore.” Okay, great. And now what? Now your story is that you’re anxious, miserable, and starving. And that’s not a very helpful story.

If the story you’re telling yourself isn’t very helpful, then you need a better alternative.

I’m sure you’ve heard of neuroplasticity. It’s the fact that our neurons can change themselves. All it means is that we can tell ourselves different stories.

Stories that make us feel good.

Stories that empower us, not starve us.

Stories that other people want to be a part of.

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