The idea transforms as it spreads from one psyche to another.

Some ideas hit brick walls. Ideas that hit brick walls are ideas that die.

All successful people are lucky. You’re either born into success or you’re not. You need to be picked to be rich and famous and I’ll never be picked so I’ll never be rich and famous. These are defense mechanisms built to protect weak presuppositions about the world. And though the presupposition isn’t well thought out, the defenses are ironclad.

The idea isn’t metaphysical. It carries real weight. This is obvious in people who seem to be walking on water despite the chaos around them. Those who soar are those who don’t latch onto self-gratifying ideas with an iron fist.

A good idea means nothing to the individual who doesn’t take good care of their mind.

The sage doesn’t waste their breath on the mind surrounded by an iron curtain. They’d rather travel to that humble village south of here. The villagers there are very welcoming.

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