The harshest judge in the world is you.

And the most beautiful writer in the world is also you.

Because when you’re writing, you’re actually writing. Words will flow from your mind to your fingers and onto the page like newborn chicks popping out of an egg. You’re writing and you can’t stop writing and it feels grand. Spacebar. Spacebar. Enter. Enter. Publish. Enter. Publish. Share to Twitter. Share to Facebook. Share to Uncle Greg.

And when you’re judging, you’re really, seriously, judging. You’re like a medieval executioner on the day of a beheading. You put the idea onto the stone slab and down comes your sword. Delete. Delete. New draft(1). New draft(2). New draft(7). Why do I even bother? Windows is shutting down…

If you’re judging every sentence before you write it, you’ll never write.

And if you’re writing every sentence without judging it, you’ll never improve.

It matters to get the order right.

Improvement moves us backward and forward. We move forward with every sentence that gets us closer to the final sentence of our essay. We move backward with every deleted word that didn’t fit. Backward and forward, everyday, until we get it right.

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