I’m joined in this episode by my friend Nathan Rogers, who co-owns Freedom In Motion Parkour Gym. We’ve known each other since High School. You can watch Nathan do backflips and other dangerous things that I’ll never do at @crunchywallfulls

In this episode we talk about:

How to find hobbies that make you money

Nathan has always been into physical fitness, and now he runs a parkour gym. I’ve always been into writing and curating cool things for people, and now I’m running this blog. We’re still figuring out what we’re doing, though.

Finding meaningful work

We’re both bored by mundane jobs. We don’t want to do work that feels like work. We want to do work that feels like play. So in this episode, I reference Naval Ravikant about 28 times. Nathan had never heard of Naval Ravikant before. And that’s a war crime if you’re an ambitious creative person.

How I could become a creativity coach for people, Nathan’s thoughts on what it means to be a coach.

I’ve been thinking of ways to help people get unstuck. How to help people move forward with their ideas. How to work for themselves, start blogs and podcasts and make art. I could become a coach, charging people for my time, but I say that “coach” makes it sound like I’m doing something vague. But of course, I’ve been wrong many times before about the definitions of words (networking), so one day I might wake up and decide to go with it.

How Nathan could help his employees see their jobs as an entrepreneurial experience

How could his employees use their experience at the gym to help them start their own gyms? How could they see being an employee as something more?

And more.

But you’ll need to listen to find out.

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