Getting better at a game means getting better at thinking about how to play the game. It’s called meta-gaming. Even Monopoly can be meta-gamed.

If you’re a newsletter writer, it’s likely that you follow a lot of newsletter writers on Twitter. And so all you see is newsletter meta-game. This is the best platform. No, this platform is better. This is how you standout. No, that’s not how you standout anymore because now everyone is doing that. Newsletters aren’t dying. No, newsletters are dying and if you subscribe to my newsletter I’ll tell you why.

It’s as if all these newsletter writers are writing for other newsletter writers.

Your readers probably aren’t other newsletter writers.

To avoid the trap of newsletter meta-gaming, here’s a few simple questions.

Why should your readers keep reading your newsletter?

What would your readers say to their friends about your newsletter?

What’s cool about your readers?

What makes your readers different from their readers?

How can you be sure that your readers don’t become a commodity?

Remember your readers, and they’ll remember you. That’s all that matters.

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