“I want to be more productive”

So pick something that you want to be good at.

Anything. A video game. Roller skating. It doesn’t matter. Pick something.

But you can’t pick “being productive.”

It’s impossible not to because it’s so elusive. Because “being productive” has this Northern California, Blue Bottle Coffee, 16 Zoom meetings sex appeal.

“Being productive” is a trap that all your remote working friends want you to fall into. When they say, “you need to be more productive,” ignore them.

“Being productive” is the 21st century version of keeping up with the joneses. Your neighbor’s newsletter has 58 paying subscribers. Yours has 36. They have 16 asset-building essays that boost their credibility. You have 4.

Mimes are productive.

Comedians are productive.

Kindergarten teachers are productive.

And you?

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