But I Have No Original Ideas – The Book For Stuck Creatives

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Hey, I wrote a book for you. I know you didn’t ask me to do this, but I did it anyway.


Why am I intruding on your precious, limited time with a book? Do you really need to read another book? Aren’t you in the middle of reading, like, five books right now?

I wrote this book for you because I know that you’re stuck. You’re reading all these books and blogs and articles about what to do. You’ve defined your Why and now you can bare almost any How. You’ve mastered the subtle art. You’ve memorized the 12 rules. You’re working 4 hours a week. You’re captivated in deep work. You’re winning friends and influencing people.

There seem to be no more obstacles in your way.

And yet…

And yet you’re stuck.

You’re stuck in your head.

You feel like a fraud.

You’ve filled your head with other people’s ideas, and none of your own.

You think you need to be original to be creative. (You don’t.)

You think more than you act.

You’re the most ambitious person that you know, but your portfolio says otherwise.

And so I wrote a book to help you with all that.

This book is a collection of blog posts and original writings designed to help you be creative, today, no matter how many ideas you have.

It’s a short book. You could read the whole thing in 10 minutes. Maybe in 9 minutes if you’re a speed-reader. Maybe 8, but don’t push your luck. My personal best time is 9 minutes and 12 seconds. I’ll send you a prize if you can beat my time.

Click here to buy a copy

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