A brief reconsideration of freedom and insecurity

If you are told

What to do

What to say

What to wear

When to show up (and for how long)

When you’re allowed to go home (and for how long)

When to take a break (and for how long)

Then you might want to reconsider your definition of freedom.

You might want to reconsider your definition of the role that you play.

And you might want to reconsider what it means to have job security.

Along with that, you might want to begin considering what makes you insecure. Because one day, very soon, any minute now (oh – it’s here), you will have perfect job security because you’re secure with who you are. Who’s better to play the role of Joe Rogan than Joe Rogan?

Everyone should have outrageous predictions of the future. Here’s mine.

Today we say, “I’m going to work today.” Tomorrow we’ll be saying, “I’m going to art today.”

Yes, we need players to fill all the roles. The roles are important and necessary and they keep society moving. It’s good that we have working sewage pipes. It’s good that our streets aren’t decorated with garbage.

But I’m suggesting to you that if you feel stuck, if you hate going there to do this for that person, then you’re confusing this secondary role (secondary because we have a long list of people who can take your spot) with your lead role (lead because you’re the perfect fit).

The most dangerous trap is the trap of “I deserve better than this role.” Sure, you don’t deserve this role. But it’s a role. A role that needs to be filled. The more you complain about this role, the more likely it is that you’ll be stuck in it.

It’s the trap of pointing fingers at us, blaming us for your misery. And while you’re in this trap, it seems like we’re pointing fingers at you and blaming you for your misery.

The way out of this trap is to understand that we don’t play the blame game. We’re not going to stoop to your level. We’re not pointing at you. We’re pointing beyond you – to the work that you’re not doing because Twitter arguments are more important. We’re pointing to your art. It’s been collecting dust in that corner for years. Will you please do something about it?

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