The Michelle Obama of Plumbing

The day that Michelle Obama became a podcaster was the day that a girl in Kansas became insecure. “I can’t do a podcast. I’m no Michelle Obama.”

There are more than 850,000 podcasts. Only a few household names have started podcasts. But apparently, unless we want nobody to listen to our podcast, then we need to become Michelle Obama. We don’t. If we do need to become Michelle Obama, then where are all the “Becoming Michelle Obama So That More People Will Listen To Your Podcast” Udemy courses?

In California, we have 47,600 plumbers. There must be a few household name plumbers who get the job done quicker and better than all the other plumbers.

Plumbers become plumbers because they like tinkering. They like fixing people’s problems. They get satisfaction out of doing the work that nobody else wants to do. (Do plumbers face the resistance? “I can’t be a plumber. There’s too many plumbers. And I have to compete with the Michelle Obama of plumbing? Mom and Dad were right. I should go back to art school.”)

Podcasters start podcasts because they get joy out of having conversations. Podcasters see the value in giving other people a space to share their messages. And by sharing the podcast, they change the culture. They might even change the course of someone’s life.

Being a professional doesn’t necessarily mean remodeling your identity. Being a professional means showing up despite all the Michelle Obamas of your craft.

Perhaps that girl in Kansas thought, “It’s always guys starting podcasts. But Michelle Obama started a podcast. So if she can do it…”

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