Everything that you need to know to succeed at this

The list is shorter than you think. It’s simply everything that you need to know to succeed at this. You can let out a sigh of relief now. “Oh! thank goodness I don’t need to read every business book published in the time it took me to finish saying this.”

It’s not every word in every self-help book.

It’s not every episode of every business podcast.

And it’s not certainty not every strategy to manage every piece of information in all those self-help books, podcasts, newsletters, and articles you’ve consumed in the last eight hours.

Many of us in the self-improvement world call ourselves minimalists. We might say that we approach life with a “less is more” attitude. And yet we’re maximalists with our information.

We have…

Books. Other people’s notes about the books (in the form of blog posts).

Podcasts. Other people’s notes about the podcasts (in the form of twitter threads).

Strategy. Content. Content creation Strategy.

Digital Data Management. Courses about Digital Data Management. Strategies about marketing our courses about Digital Data Management.

Even further, we’re neither maximal nor minimal about feeding the dog (or ourselves) since planning our Digital Data Management Course marketing strategy is more important. Dinner can wait.

The way out of this trap? Selecting. Filtering. Ignoring. Seeking the signals in the noise. Choosing a craft to practice, and then practicing it.

And the list of everything that you need to be? Much shorter, too. As short as one word.


Open to the possibility that this doesn’t apply to that. The possibility that what’s guaranteed today might not be guaranteed tomorrow. The possibility that more information is not the answer.

Derek Sivers said it best:

If more information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs. — Derek Sivers

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