The same keyboard (unless you’re a Dvorak). The same 24 hours in a day. You’ve heard this before.

But not the same possibility. Not the same leverage. Not the same indispensable skills. And certainly not the same strange, idiosyncratic interests you obsess over. Those things? They’re infinite. They’re yours.

Infinite possibility, leverage, and creativity. But that’s the biggest obstacle. That leads you to the question, “what should I do with all this?”

It’s a question that pushes your imagination too far forward. You should engage with the customers who’ve signed up for your coaching service. Though it would help to start writing the first draft of the landing page. Too far, too soon, too many skipped steps.

So, what should you do?

Pick the largest goal. Break it down into the smallest tasks. One paragraph of the landing page. The first bullet point. A thanks to your spouse for putting up with your strange, idiosyncratic interests.

This next part is the hardest.


Choose, break it down, and commit.

Are you all in?

Will you keep every idea in your head?

Or will you let your art scatter through the network like a cat sniffing around a new house?

P.s – My little book is out. It’s a book for creatives who have too many ideas, but not enough original ideas. It’s a book that I wrote with the stuck creative in mind. It’s very short. A 20 minute read, in fact. I kept it so short so that your lizard brain wouldn’t want you to keep reading the book as an excuse to put off working on your art.

You can order a copy here.

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