Hey! Today I’m joined by Alexander Hugh Sam. Alex is the author of one of my favorite newsletters: The Kaizen Newsletter. Alex is unafraid of expressing himself through his writing. If you’re scared of opening up what Austin Kleon calls, “your cabinet of curiosities,” then I highly recommend you check out Alex’s writings, which you can find here. He parses out important lessons from anime, tech, product design, and hockey. It’s fresh, unique, and definitely worth the read. I’ve been a big fan of anime since I was ten years old, so seeing his newsletter pop up in my inbox is always a treat.

Please enjoy, and take care!

“I use writing to have a conversation with myself. I use it as a way to tell myself that it’s okay to fail. Even though you failed, we know that you learned a lot of lessons from your experience.”

Alexander Hugh Sam – @alexhughsam | The Kaizen Newsletter

Talking Points

  • Self-improvement philosophy from anime (2:00)
  • Writing as the best way to solve your own problems (10:00)
  • Being a part of Write of Passage (12:00)
  • Writing about what interests you (14:00)
  • The nuances of optionality, choices, and failure (18:00)
  • How stand out as someone with a broad range of interests (22:00)
  • The struggle of defining yourself (28:00)
  • Letting your audience dictate your art/finding your 1,000 true fans (31:00)
  • Does “success” matter in life? (34:00)
  • How to publish a blog post everyday (36:00)
  • The challenge of writing short pieces (39:00)
  • The benefits of deadlines (42:00)
  • Structured procrastination and “precrastinating” (44:00)
  • Alex’s message to creative people who struggle with accepting their interests (51:00)

Show Notes and Resources

Alex’s Newsletter

Write of Passage

Want to start your own newsletter? Here’s an easy to use platform called Substack. Some of the world’s most popular newsletters run on substack. I even run my newsletter on Substack (but it’s not yet the world’s most popular. Yet.)

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